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Your Partner in Mind, Body & Lifestyle Wellness


Compassionate Care Starts Here. 

Serving the Eugene, Springfield, and neighboring communities of Lane County, we believe in providing compassionate and comprehensive healthcare that addresses your physical and mental wellbeing. We understand that mental health is an essential part of overall health, and we're dedicated to providing exceptional care in a welcoming environment. 


Founded in 2020, Lonerock Clinic was born out of a desire to combat the growing need for accessible mental health services in our community. We observed countless individuals struggling to find adequate treatment for mental health concerns.
Since then, we've expanded to offer a wider range of services, including primary care with on-site labs and procedures. Our beautiful downtown Eugene clinic provides a comfortable and convenient setting for all your healthcare needs.


Meet The Team

Camille Pincock, MPAS, PA-C

Camille Pincock brings 19 years of medical experience to Lonerock Clinic. After working in various settings like the Idaho State Psychiatric Hospital, emergency departments, and family practices, she relocated to Oregon. Camille is a certified Master Psychopharmacologist (MPAS-PA-C) who is passionate about providing exceptional care to her patients. Outside of the clinic, she enjoys reading, hiking, restoring vintage campers, and spending time with her family.

Camille Pincock

Lyle Torguson, MD

Lyle Torguson is a Board Certified Family Physician with over 35 years of experience in Medicine and Psychiatry. He also holds a Masters Certificate in Psychopharmacology. He employs both prescription and herbal supplementation in his treatment plans. He loves to sight-see in his travel trailer, write fiction, and mentor the next generation of medical providers. Dr. Torguson is not accepting new patients at this time. 

Lyle Torguson

Contact Us 

1307 Lincoln Street

Eugene Oregon 97401

Phone: 833.646.3633

Fax: 971.261.1705


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Primary care is your first point of contact in the healthcare system. It's like your medical home, where a team of providers gets to know you and your health history. They focus on prevention and wellness, managing common illnesses, and coordinating care with specialists if needed.  Think of them as your partner in navigating your health journey.

Ketamine therapy is uses low doses of ketamine, a medication originally used as an anesthetic. Ketamine therapy is used when traditional treatments haven't worked for treatment-resistant depression, anxiety disorders, and PTSD. Ketamine works by rapidly stimulating new connections in the brain, leading to improved mood and reduced symptoms.  It's administered in a controlled setting, with patients experiencing dissociative effects that wear off within hours. Ketamine therapy offers a potential lifeline for those struggling with treatment-resistant mental health conditions.

Do you ever feel like your emotions are on a rollercoaster? Mood disorders can make it difficult to manage everyday life.  The Lonerock Clinic offers a supportive environment with experienced professionals to help you understand and manage your mood. We can work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that gets you back on track to feeling your best.

We take a personalized approach, working with you to develop a program that fits your needs. We will assess your health, weight history, and lifestyle to create a plan that may include proven solutions like GLP-1 medications, which can help regulate appetite and promote feelings of fullness. We also offer other effective strategies to boost your metabolism and support long-term weight management.  

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While DNA testing can't tell your whole cognitive story, Lonerock Clinic can explore the potential link between your genes and brain function. Through DNA cognitive testing, we may uncover insights into your cognitive strengths and weaknesses. This information, combined with traditional assessments, can help us personalize a plan to optimize your brain health and performance.

Labs & Procedures

We offer the convenience of on-site labs and procedures.  This means you can get many tests and treatments done right in our office, saving you time and streamlining your healthcare experience. From routine blood draws to minor skin procedures, we have the equipment and expertise to handle a variety of needs.  

What We Value

At Lonerock Clinic, building a strong and healthy community is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that compassionate care is fundamental to healing, and that everyone deserves access to quality healthcare.

We recognized a significant gap in mental health services within our community. This is why Lonerock Clinic was born – to bridge that gap and ensure everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

We offer flexible options to meet your needs, with both in-person and telemedicine appointments available.  This makes receiving essential mental healthcare services convenient and accessible.

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